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Foreign manufacturers of Engineered Fastening Products.

Enter the $15,000,000,000 United States market AT NO COST!

Bay has established a network of every fastener distributor in the United States to sell your products. That means you will have thousand of sales people calling on and meeting potential customers every day. Bay receives your products at its 22,000 sq. ft. facility near New York City then communicates their availability to hundreds of fastener distributors. Bay works with you to establish price, quantity and delivery and does all the work including marketing, inventory management, sales reports and billing. All of this at NO COST to you. You only receive the profits.

BayMarketnet is a subsidiary of Bay Fastening who has been successfully selling engineered fastening products for over 50 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for shipping costs?

Suppliers are responsible for all shipping costs of merchandise to the warehouse. It is recommended that each supplier include the landed cost to the warehouse in the price-per-unit sold through the Network.

Who is responsible for the shipping cost of orders placed through the Network?

All customers of the Network are highly motivated to buy your products because we offer Free Shipping! Bay Market Net pays all shipping costs on orders shipped within the 48 contiguous United States.

How do I select which products to stock in the warehouse to start?

A Product Integration Specialist will work closely with you to determine the best mix of your products to offer to the Network and you may choose the quantity you wish to stock in the warehouse to start. Overtime, you may adjust the quantity you maintain in your inventory based on sales made through the Network.

Can my products be sold in broken cases?

It is common for fasteners to be sold in various increments of broken case quantities and repackaged by the warehouse staff to capture both small and large orders. Some suppliers wish to only sell products by the case, but it is highly recommended that you take advantage of our free repackaging process of bagging product to capture sales of all sizes and increase your product exposure. The choice of quantity package sales is completely up to you.

When am I compensated for the sale of my products?

The first week of each month, Sales Statements are sent to all Network suppliers accompanied by payment for all products sold at the agreed rate per unit.

How do I monitor my inventory?

As a supplier to the Bay Market Net Warehouse, you receive a unique Login and Password to access your Supplier Dashboard. Here, you will have instant access to your inventory, warehouse bin and shelf locations, number of units and agreed price per unit for valuation and future sales.

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